September 27, 2007

Ever wanted to know what's in that hot dog??? releases shocking macrophotography pictures of processed meats: Salami, sausage and hot dogs

September 26, 2007

I'll miss you, delicious almonds.....

This is neat

Honest Food Guide
The food guide built to benefit you, not big business!!!!!!

Warning: Toxic chemical triclosan can turn your toothpaste into chloroform

Originally published February 13 2006

Warning: Toxic chemical triclosan can turn your toothpaste into chloroform
by Mike Adams

For years, I have warned people of the danger of personal care products. If you look at the ingredients manufacturers put in their products -- soaps, deodorants, toothpastes and so on -- you will be horrified. These ingredients are highly toxic and cause cancer. They promote leukemia, nervous system disorders and liver problems. Now, some new information has come from Virginia Tech. Researchers that have found that the chemical triclosan, which is found in a lot of antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste products, can react with chlorine in the tap water. Guess what you get? (This is the horrifying part.) Chloroform. This is a toxic chemical that can give you cancer. In the old movies, you might have seen someone give a person chloroform to knock them unconscious. If you breathe enough chloroform, you will die.

If you are brushing your teeth with toothpaste that has triclosan in it, and you are rinsing with tap water that has chlorine in it, you are getting a little chemical reaction right in your mouth. What a wonderful gift from the toothpaste manufacturers. That's not to mention that some of the toothpastes contain fluoride that isn't really fluoride but fluorosilicic acid, which is a toxic waste product that is molecularly similar to fluoride but has a much different effect on the human body -- a toxic effect. When you wash your hands with antibacterial soap that contains triclosan, you are getting the fumes emitted from this chemical reaction.

Your home could be full of toxic chemicals
Most people's homes are toxic waste dumps. They have products that contain triclosan, deodorants that contain aluminum (absorbed right through your skin), shampoos that have toxic fragrance chemicals and hair coloring products that contain cancer-causing chemicals. There are perfumes and colognes that people just slather on like they are taking a bath in them. Their senses get dulled, and soon they can't even smell the stuff anymore.

People also put on clothes that have been washed in detergent loaded with fragrance chemicals. These people run around in these clothes and sweat, which helps the toxicity absorb into the skin and bloodstream where it promotes cancer. There are fake air fresheners and furniture polishes that contain toxic chemicals. These products are all promoted as being helpful when really they are quite deadly. Toothpaste is supposed to help you clean your teeth, but the number one ingredient in toothpaste is calcium carbonate, which is just ground-up seashells that actually mar the enamel on your teeth, giving bacteria a place to hide out and replicate. Some toothpaste also has formaldehyde in it.

The answer to why you are diseased is that if you are the average American consumer, you are bathing and living in a system of toxic chemicals that you have purchased and brought home. You use dish detergents that contain toxic chemicals and then eat off of the plates that were washed in them. How crazy are we in this country that we keep on making products that kill people and putting them on the shelves and printing little "25 percent off" coupons?

You are seriously misled if you think you can just wipe out all of the bacteria in your house with antibacterial soap. Do you think you are going to be germ free? Have you checked your doorknobs and your own skin? What about your toothbrush? I bet there are more colonies of bacteria in your toothbrush than there are people in the entire city in which you live. These antibacterial products are useless. They have no value on the market or in your home. It is all a huge marketing gimmick.

You need immune distress to be healthy
Do you think the microbes on your counter are giving you the flu? That's not what is giving you the flu. You have the flu because you poison your body with all these other toxic products, metabolic disrupters in the food supply and poor nutrition. These poisons create a weak body and weakened immune system, allowing opportunistic bacteria to replicate that wouldn't stand a chance if you had a healthy immune defense in the first place.

Even worse, the use of antimicrobial soaps promotes the spread of superbugs around your house. If you want to be a healthy individual, you have to have a little immune distress. If you don't, your immune system doesn't learn how to defend itself. Your immune system makes a pattern of every invading microbe, and it remembers that pattern forever, so it knows how to beat that invader in the future. If you try to maintain a sterile environment, then your immune system never gets to learn how to do its job. You need some level of exposure to these germs or mild infectious agents if you want to have an active immune system.

Let's talk about fragrances a little more. Even guys that wouldn't wear perfume go out and buy laundry detergent that has perfume in it. When I go to the grocery store, I can't even go near the aisle with all the detergents or I get a headache. I am very sensitive to this because of my sensory acuity. I can pick up subtle sights, sounds and smells thanks to a healthy nervous system.

The manufacturers of products that have triclosan in them keep saying that it is perfectly safe and that it only affects the nervous systems of various organisms. They also say it's safe because you don't drink it. Sure, we aren't swallowing the stuff, but we sure are touching it and bathing in it. Do you think the skin is impermeable? The skin absorbs chemicals, and it can certainly absorb something like triclosan as well. How do you think the nicotine patch works? If nothing was absorbed through the skin, then these patches wouldn't work.

Studies show triclosan is toxic to your health
This Virginia Tech study shows that triclosan is a real health hazard. However, the companies using it are going to say that the study was flawed, and the amount that is used is so minimal that it is well within the safety levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

They may claim some other silly nonsense, too, but the truth is this ingredient has no place in or around the human body. Only fools coat their body with products containing triclosan.

Unfortunately, most people are fooled by this chemical, and they don't understand its real dangers. Personally, I don't need to wash my mouth out with something that is going to create chloroform. This is basic common sense. The fact that these products are even being allowed on the shelves defies common sense. Where has the sanity gone in our consumer products industry? It has been replaced by the profit motive.

Triclosan is put into these products for the convenience of the manufacturers. It will stop their product from going bad, and it allows them to make ridiculous claims on the label. For example, a label may say, "Proven to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria." This sells products, yet it isn't based on any kind of science whatsoever.

If you are new to all this and think everything I just said is crazy, doesn't make any sense or is overly worrisome, then do your research. Don't believe everything I just said -- start doing some reading on triclosan. Start reading about aluminum in deodorants and fragrance in shampoos and perfume, and then you will discover the truth for yourself. You can search Google for information right now. Just search for "triclosan" and see what you find.

If you do the research and are honest with what you find, you will quickly discover that these products are a hazard to your health. They are a threat to you and your family and should be outlawed. They should be reformulated without cancer-causing ingredients. Of course, that would cost Big Business a lot of money. Companies use these ingredients because they are cheap. Where do you think the color comes from in mouthwash? It's from an artificial color chemical. What most manufacturers care about is moving products, and until Congress demands they stop using harmful ingredients, they're going to keep doing so.

I encourage you to find out about more about triclosan and stop using products that contain the chemical. Shop at health food stores. Stop giving your money to manufacturers who are poisoning and exploiting you for profit.

World Water Supply at Risk

World's Water Supply at Risk
By Kevin Danaher and Shannon Biggs and Jason Mark, PoliPoint Press
Posted on September 26, 2007,
Printed on September 26, 2007

The following conversation is an excerpt from the new book Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grassroots (PoliPointPress, 2007) by Kevin Danaher, Shannon Biggs, and Jason Mark.

Maude Barlow is possibly the world's leading expert on water struggles. She is the national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, that country's largest citizen's advocacy group, with members and chapters across Canada. She is a director with the International Forum on Globalization, a San Francisco research and education institution opposed to corporate globalization. In 2005, she received the prestigious "Right Livelihood Award," given by the Swedish Parliament and widely referred to as "The Alternative Nobel." She has received honorary doctorates from six universities and has authored or co-authored 15 books, including Too Close For Comfort: Canada's Future Within Fortress North America; and Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop Corporate Theft of the World's Water (with Tony Clarke). Her most recent book is Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Fight for the Right to Water.

Q: What are the greatest threats to local water supplies?
Maude Barlow: First of all, we are creating an ecological crisis by not taking care of our water supplies. Surface waters are being polluted, and we are mining our groundwater at unsustainable rates. At the very time when corporations are privatizing everything, our governments are allowing corporations to move in and take over the ownership of essential resources like water.So we have a double whammy: Our governments are allowing corporations to pollute our water, and then they are signing contracts with corporations to bring in clean-up technology and make billions of dollars cleaning it up. The very sector of society that is polluting our water is turning around and selling our water back to us. And this is going to be more and more of an issue in the future. We'll be increasingly drinking water that has been polluted by corporations, then cleaned up by corporations, then bottled and sold to us by corporations.

Q: What are some success stories of people protecting their water?
MB: The people of Uruguay held a plebiscite and got enough votes for a referendum in the national election in October 2004 in which they called for a constitutional amendment saying that water is a human right, and they won. The government was forced to change its constitution, and Uruguay became the first country in the world to vote on whether people have a human right to water, and the private companies were forced out.There have been quite a few successful fight-backs across North America. The city of Atlanta allowed a private company to come in to run its water system, and the city kicked them out two and a half years into a 20-year contract. They said, "Get out. You lied. The water coming out of the taps is brown, and you raised the price. Get out." We kept private water companies from taking over the water systems in Toronto and Vancouver. There's a big movement in the heart of France, led by Danielle Mitterand, the widow of the former French president, Francois Mitterand. She is leading this fight to bring water under public control, and many city mayors of some good-sized towns and cities -- not yet Paris -- are backing her. So even in the belly of the beast, there are some exciting movements.

Q: What about the struggle against Coca-Cola in India?
MB: When you dig deep into Coca-Cola's practices, you see it's really a bad company. They are using military satellite imagery to find clean sources of groundwater and then going in -- often in poor tribal communities -- and setting up a plant and just helping themselves to the water until the water is gone. I call it water mining. We're working with folks in the state of Kerala, India, who have taken the Coca-Cola company all the way to their Supreme Court to fight the way Coke comes in and sucks up massive amounts of groundwater, pollutes it with sweeteners and chemical additives, and then makes huge profits selling this nonnutritious drink to the public. The Supreme Court of India has ruled largely in the people's favor. Yet Coke is still fighting; they refuse to give up. But these grassroots activists don't give up, either. It's been a real successful fight-back against Coca-Cola.

Q: Does it seem to you that the United States and Canada are more, or less, water-conscious than people in other nations?
MB: Individually, we are terrible water-guzzlers. We use a great deal of water per capita through our industrial practices, agriculture, mining, and, in my country, through oil extraction from tar sands. We take a little better care of our groundwater than many Third World countries because we citizens have a little more control; the corporations tend to be from our countries, and we can exert greater influence on them. There is serious pollution -- I'm not suggesting there isn't -- but we don't see the kind of blatant pollution you see in many poor countries. In some countries, the water is foul due to the combination of absolutely no sanitation systems, people using river systems as toilets, to bathe in, to cook in, their garbage dumps, their sewage dumps, everything goes into those open waterways where there's no purification or any kind of water reclamation. As industrial growth and the industrial model moves into the Third World, it's bringing massive pollution.Also, people are being driven off the land. They are moving into urban slums where there's no water, and they create more of a problem because they are adding to the numbers in the cities that are not treating their sewage. About 90 percent of the sewage in the countries of the global south goes untreated back into waterways, rivers, and oceans. It's a cyclical problem that intensifies as we move from rural sustainable living to urban unsustainable living.We're creating massive water pollution problems. It's lower in the U.S. and Canada because we've got more money for clean-up and slightly better laws for industry. But water pollution is happening just about everywhere. The only societies where water is still treated sacredly are in ancient tribal societies. Many rural communities in India, China, Africa, and Latin America are still living the way that their ancestors did centuries ago; they aren't creating significant levels of pollution.

Q: Who's using the bulk of the water here in North America?
MB: Most of the water is used by industry and agribusiness, which is also an industry. The industrial food production system uses nitrates, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, which contaminate a lot of water. Intensive livestock operations create horrible pollution. So one of the most important things we can do is to create a more sustainable agricultural system.

Q: Are there any really tough issues that the movement needs to face that you feel we're not confronting adequately?
MB: That's the part of my new book that surprised me the most: the technological takeover of our planet's water system. We have been following very closely the big utility companies like Suez and Vivendi, who run water systems on a for-profit basis. And we have been following the bottled water companies, and those have been the kind of two big ones.And then we have been worried about major movement of water through pipelines, but we have not been keeping our eye on the whole issue of technology to clean up dirty water, whether that's desalination, water purification, nanotechnology purification. It's going to be the "great white hope," and it's all unregulated and very corporate controlled, and it doesn't surprise me that when you look at the United Nations' millennium development goals on water, nobody is talking about cleaning up polluted water. Because, hey, there's gold in those hills. The more our water becomes polluted, the more precious it becomes. The more desperate people are, the more they will pay for their water, and the more money there is to be made from cleaning it up.The fastest-growing sector of the private water industry is this high technology water clean-up section of this industry, and we must get a better handle on the whole thing. I think that what we are seeing is a cartel of water that is being created like the cartel that has been created for energy. For a long time now, when there was a find of a new field of oil or gas, some large corporation owned it even before it was out of the ground. I see them doing this now with water, and I call them water hunters. These water hunters move in with one goal: to monopolize control over a precious resource in order to make money.

Q: Are you noticing a greater receptivity to your message about the coming water crisis?
MB: Most definitely. I was in down in Lubbock, Texas, on a local radio station, and this guy called in and said, "I'm a right-wing, diehard, Republican, red meat, conservative businessman. And I think the little lady's right. Water is different. You can't have anyone monopolize it." It was fascinating; he totally had my argument. We didn't agree on anything else, but we agreed on the importance of retaining public control over this vital resource. So that is hopeful.

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September 20, 2007

Why I care about this ...

I have an interest in nutrition. Someday I would like to return to school for a degree in that field

I will have children in the future, G-D willing. I never thought I would... until I re-connected with the love of my life...and they say when you meet the right person your ideals change...yes they do!
It will not be for some time, but good to know for the future that it is a possibility :)

I am totally against big business and the new world order trying to destroy people from the inside out. It is *your* choice to ingest bad things, but when that choice is not given and secretly (for the most part) put into our major food sources, I think it is WRONG. Death via aspartame poisoning is no joke, people. I ain't going out like that. Look it up on my blog, look it up on the internet.


They are trying to kill us. Over population is a problem in their eyes. Who do you think is going to survive? What makes you think *you* are so special to them? LOOK UP EUGENICS, where do you fit in? DO YOU fit in?

face the facts. NO GOVERNMENT GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU. Take matters into your own hands

It is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Rumsfeld does not care. He did not care when he passed aspartame thru the FDA FOR PROFIT$.

you will die by their hands if you do not wake up...........

things you can do right now:
read labels
scour the internet
tell others
be informed
stop diet soda consumption
stop chewing gum
no sugar free stuff


it's not hard

I love you, please start paying more attention


nutritional yeast has betrayed me

If you are uncheese person, like myself, you have come to love nutritional yeast.

Well I am very disappointed to inform you that it is filled with exitotoxins. Read your labels. I failed myself on this one. Aspartic acid and Phenylalanine. DO NOT WANT

I am going to scour the internet for a brand not using said evil chemicals and will let you know if or when I find one...........

until then I am on a mac and uncheese hiatus

I feel like, sometimes, everything is trying to kill me and you and you and you

and *THEY* do not give a shit if we live , they want to see us die

It's not paranoia, it's THE FACTS

WHY are there so many poisons in the foods we eat?? Even when we try to be good consumers, we are seemingly fucked by the FDA


September 19, 2007

China's Ultimatum: Let Us Invade Taiwan Or We'll Dump The Dollar

China's Ultimatum: Let Us Invade Taiwan Or We'll Dump The Dollar

Financial analyst says China could use huge dollar reserves as blackmail for beefing superpower status
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Fed's decision to cut interest rates again is likely to send the dollar tumbling to historic new lows, leading one financial analyst to predict that China's fury at the devaluation of its huge dollar reserves will provoke them into giving the U.S. government a terse ultimatum - let us invade Taiwan unopposed or we'll dump the dollar and bring about economic chaos.
China holds $1.3 trillion of dollar denominated assets and leading Communist Party officials have repeatedly threatened to use what the London Telegraph referred to as "the nuclear option," the liquidation of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation, the result of which would be an almost certain and immediate collapse of the dollar.
But according to Greg Zanetti of the Financial Network, an advisor for the McDonalds franchise, China may also be using economic threats as a means of greasing the skids for the unopposed invasion of Taiwan. "So what is the end game?" writes Zanetti. "Well, there is now conjecture that China may willingly take the huge financial hit from the falling dollar… provided we don’t interfere with their claims to Taiwan."
"Their argument would be they acquired Hong Kong peacefully and that the envelopment of Taiwan would just be the finale of a 70 year civil war."
"Their gamble would be that Americans would not fall on their swords for Taiwan. Of course, if we agree to such a deal we have (for all intents and purposes) ceded regional hegemony to China. They would be considered the Asian power and we would begin our retreat as a global power."
Under the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, the United States is mandated to provide support to Taiwan in the event of any hostile trade embargoes or military invasion on behalf of China.

The fact that the U.S. government, with the help of Alan Greenspan, have done their utmost to bring about a slow-paced economic meltdown by continually bad-mouthing the dollar suggests they would want to avoid the rapid decline that would be triggered if the Chinese were to dump their assets.
Though public sentiment in China and the majority of analysts think a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is unlikely, any warming of relations between Taiwan and the U.S. is usually subject to vocal rebuke.
Earlier this year, Chinese government leaders threatened to plan new war games and heighten military readiness in anticipation of any attempt by the U.S. to defend Taiwan should a Chinese invasion occur, or simply if Taiwan declares its independence, after President Bush shook hands with Taiwan's representative to the United States, Joseph Wu.

September 14, 2007

Political Waves

By Judith Gayle Political Waves

THE EXTREME nature of our many personal and political challenges wasreflected in the New Moon eclipse on Sep. 11 complete with a GrandCross in mutable signs -- a triple whammy; this was the companion toour Full Moon lunar eclipse on Aug. 28, popping us into a petri dishof dramatic possibilities.

Add to this week's bombshell the emotional anniversary of the Towersfalling and the long-anticipated Petraeus Report that, as expected,"stays the course" and hopes to pour enough soothing rhetoric on ourtattered sensibilities to put us back to sleep for another six months.Toss in news of a declining dollar that hasn't been this devalued in15 years and a flattened housing bubble that's put even the McMansionsin jeopardy, mix it with talk of a coming recession and you've gotquite a potent little angst-producing cocktail -- a Stinger comes tomind. Oh, and let's not forget our covert provocations with Iran, andthe overt establishment of a base four miles from the Iraq/Iran borderand moving in British troops. Hey, barkeep -- make that a double

With explosive Uranus opposing the Virgo eclipse, and squared byaggressive Mars, war and conflict is much on our plate -- the fourthleg of our cross is an expansive Jupiter, inflating the issues like aJolly Jump at a kid's birthday party. Uranus is the pin that canreduce all that hot air to a crumpled puddle of vinyl, of course --just as General Dave prepared to give his report on the Hill, forinstance, news came that two of the seven daring soldiers who wrote arecent and controversial New York Times editorial questioning "themission" had been killed; a third had received a head wound as thearticle was being written. And as Petraeus spoke (not sworn in, by theway) to the Senate about Bush's "largely successful" surge, insurgentsrocked US headquarters in Baghdad with mortar fire, killing one andwounding 11. Reality check, eh? If you' re just learning about this asyou read this article, you can thank the Holy Trinity of the Bushadministration -- unitary Executive, secretive Pentagon and complacentmedia.

We've come to our turning point, now. We've all had enough; we can'tsee a future ahead that offers us easy passage and we're looking toend this forward thrust into continued mayhem. The Virgo Saturncertainly offers us a way backward into a working relationship withreality, although Virgo tends to nitpick, to seize a project in itsteeth and shake it until it's dead; with the overwhelming amount ofbroken promises, systems and social contracts that we see around us, pick for this intensity of attention is problematic.Throwing things into reverse will make us look in the rearview mirror,and that comes with this warning: Objects in mirror are closer thanthey appear. For a nation that's spent years refusing to look at howbad things were getting, turning its gaze to all that's crumblingaround it is daunting, to say the least. And hitting on all pistons,the cosmic engine driving this energy is working not only globally and nationally, but personally, giving us hard realities about our ownlives and habits.

September 13, 2007

From Freedom to Fascism

this is an incredibly important film...I suggest you see it

watch here:

official website here

RIP Aaron Russo

September 11, 2007

Ron English

Ron English is a contemporary pop artist who explores popular brand imagery and advertising.

Billboard done in collaboration with the Billboard Liberation Front
One aspect of his work involves 'liberating' commercial billboards with his own messages. Frequent targets of his work include Joe Camel, McDonalds, and Mickey Mouse. Ron English can be considered the "celebrated prankster father of agit-pop", who wrangles carefully created corporate iconographies so that they are turned upside down, and are used against the very corporation they are meant to represent. Ron English has also painted several album covers including The Dandy Warhols album cover "Welcome to the Monkey House". Some of his paintings are also used in Morgan Spurlock's documentary Super Size Me.
English has also collaborated with Daniel Johnston and Jack Medicine in the Hyperjinx Tricycle project.

English takes inspiration from Andy Warhol and references him in his work. He also references the band KISS, and various cartoons. Also inspiration comes from the large billboards and posters he sees outside his city apartment, usually fast food companies.

I saw this really awesome doc about him on NetFlix a while back, check it out
POPaganda: The Art & Crimes of Ron English (2004)
In this critically acclaimed documentary (filmed in an appropriately guerilla style), director-producer Pedro Carvajal captures vigilante artist Ron English as he makes a series of thought-provoking -- and sometimes just plain odd -- statements. The film also serves as a biography, chronicling English's evolution from a simple painter to an activist-instigator who skewers just about everything -- from Ronald McDonald to the war in Iraq.

vegan quotes

Count Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist & philosopher, (1829-1910):
"If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food."

Albert Einstein, physicist, 1921 Nobel Prize recipient:
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

"It is my view that a vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind."

Alice Walker, American author, The Color Purple:
"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites, or women for men."

Mahatma Gandhi, Hindu pacifist and spiritual leader, (1869-1948):
"It is very significant that some of the most thoughtful and cultured men are partisans of a pure vegetable diet."
"I do not regard flesh-food as necessary for us at any stage and under any clime in which it is possible for human beings ordinarily to live, I hold flesh-food to be unsuited to our species."

Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian sculptor, artist, inventor, (142:1519):
"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."

Plutarch, Greek philosopher, (46-120 A.D.):
"The obligations of law and equity reach only to mankind; but kindness and beneficence should be extended to the creatures of every species and these will flow from the breast of a true man, as streams that issue from the living fountain."

Henry David Thoreau, American author, naturalist (1812-1862):
"Every man who has ever been earnest to preserve his higher or poetic faculties in the best condition has been particularly inclined to abstain from animal food."

George Bernard Shaw, Anglo-Irish author and playwright, 1925 Nobel Prize Recipient, (1856-1950):
"My situation is a solemn one: life is offered to me on the condition of eating beefsteaks. But death is better than cannibalism. My will contains directions for my funeral, which will be followed, not by mourning coaches, but by oxen, sheep, flocks of poultry, and a small traveling aquarium of live fish, all wearing white scarves in honor of the man who perished rather than eat his fellow creatures. It will be, without the exception of Noah's Ark, the most remarkable thing of its kind ever seen."

"The average age (longevity) of a meat-eater is 63. I am on the verge of 85 and still at work as hard as ever. I have lived quite long enough and am trying to die, but I simply cannot do it. A single beefsteak would finish me, but I cannot bring myself to swallow it. I am oppressed with a dread of living forever. That is the only disadvantage of vegetarianism."

Plato, Greek philosopher, (circa 428-347 B.C.):
"The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees and the plants and the seeds."

Albert Schweitzer, M.D., Alsatian philosopher and medical missionary, 1952 Nobel prize recipient, (1875-1965):
"--There slowly grew up in me an unshakable conviction that we have no right to inflict suffering and death on another living creature, unless there is some unavoidable necessity for it."

Benjamin Spock, M.D, the famous Dr. Spock pediatrician and author, (1903-1998):
"When I was 88 years old, I gave up meat entirely and switched to a plant foods diet following a slight stroke. During the following months, I not only lost 50 pounds, but gained strength in my legs and picked up stamina. Now, at age 93, I'm on the same plant-based diet, and I still don't eat any meat or dairy products. I either swim, walk, or paddle a canoe daily and I feel the best I've felt since my heart problems began."

Isaac Bashevis Singer, Yiddish Laureate of literature, 1978 Nobel Prize recipient, (1904-1991):
"If there would come a voice from God saying, 'I'm against vegetarianism!' I would say, 'Well, I am for it!' This is how strongly I feel in this regard."

Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, inventor, (1706-1790):
"My refusing to eat meat occasioned inconveniency, and I have been frequently chided for my singularity. But my light repast allows for greater progress, for greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension."

Sir Thomas More, Statesman and Author (1478-1535):
"The utopians feel that slaughtering our fellow creatures gradually destroys the sense of compassion, which is the finest sentiment of which our human nature is capable."

John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution:
"It is increasingly obvious that environmentally sustainable solutions to world hunger can only emerge as people eat more plant foods and fewer animal products. To me it is deeply moving that the same food choices that give us the best chance to eliminate world hunger are also those that take the least toll on the environment, contribute the most to our long-term health, are the safest, and are also, far and away, the most compassionate towards our fellow creatures."

Michael Klaper, M.D., American author and international lecturer:
"People are the only animals that drink the milk of the mother of another species. All other animals stop drinking milk altogether after weaning. It is unnatural for a dog to nurse from a mother giraffe; it is just as unnatural for a human being to drink the milk of a cow."

"Auschwitz happens when people look at a slaughterhouse and think they are only animals" Theodore Adorno

"First it was necessary to civilize man in relation to man. Now it is necessary to civilize man in relation to nature and the animals." Victor Hugo

"Men dig their Graves with their own Teeth and die more by those fated Instruments than by the Weapons of their Enemies." Thomas Moffet

Traveling Vegans - (found on soulseek)

Traveling Vegans

Traveling and being a vegetarian is much easier today than it has been in years past. It used to be that vegetarian meals ordered in restaurants or on airlines were not attractive, filling, or tasty. This has all changed. Most restaurants have a wide selection of attractive and delicious vegetarian foods. Traveling vegan without using any dairy or eggs presents a little more of a challenge, however. The salads in most restaurants and the option for vegan meals on airlines do make vegan travel easier today. When traveling, it may be helpful to carry some supplemental food to insure that the meal eaten on the plane is sufficient for caloric requirements. It should be noted, however, that travel is less fatiguing, and less sickness and depression are experienced after getting back to the routine of home if less is eaten while traveling. This is due in part to the inactivity of sitting most of the time while traveling. Here are some suggestions for foods that travel well:

Nuts of all kinds travel well. For example, peanuts (sometimes served on airlines), pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, and the nuts the Roman soldiers carried with them everywhere—sunflower seeds. Roasted "soynuts" are harder to chew than nuts but make a nourishing supplement to a skimpy meal.

Raisins travel well and are a very tasty and nutritious food to supplement a small meal.
Granola is a favorite of ours to carry with us when traveling. Granola with some fresh fruit or raisins makes a complete meal in itself.

Zwieback tends to get broken up with travel but does have the advantage of a very long shelf life. This is not true of any other whole wheat, homemade bread.

"Healthy cookies" do not have a long shelf life, but may last for a few days of travel. The lower the sugar level of cookies, the shorter the shelf life. Packaged cookies and candy are not the best travel food because the more refined the food, the harder it is on the insulin-glucose regulating mechanism of your body.

Fresh fruits are delicious but most have the disadvantage of being both heavy and very fragile, even though the shelf life may be satisfactory for travel. Apples are recommended as one of the best fruits—they travel well and do not bruise easily. Dried fruit has none of these disadvantages and makes a delicious supplement to any skimpy meal. Together with zwieback, dried fruit can make a whole meal—particularly as an evening meal. Dates also travel well, are not heavy in relation to calories, and have a very long shelf life.

Dried fruit of all types is light and lasts well. It is also very tasty and delicious. A word of caution must be given, as dried fruit is concentrated and tends to contain a lot of sugar. Since the calories and space are concentrated, we need to consider what it would be like if it were not dehydrated, or we may eat too much. This may present a problem for diabetics, even though the sugar in dried fruit is complex. Complex means that the sugar molecules are very large and they have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the sugar needs for digestion. For these reasons, complex sugars of fresh fruits are much better tolerated by diabetics. Whatever problem dried fruit may present to diabetics, it is minimal compared to refined sugar products or soft drinks that contain refined sugar. Even so, these dried fruits should be eaten judiciously!

If traveling by car, drinking water is a necessity to carry, as adequate water may not be available everywhere along your journey. Dehydration is a condition that tends to be chronic and is an easily preventable condition. Keeping the body well-hydrated is the key to fighting fatigue and keeping up endurance on a long trip. Remember to drink water between meals—not with your meals!

Canned and preserved foods in jars may be taken for food when you travel. The disadvantages of this type of food are its weight, the necessity of having utensils to eat it and the possibility that the glass may break and make a big mess. This type of food is often most delicious when served hot. This may not be possible as it is difficult to heat preserved fruit "on the road".

Remember Two Things When Traveling!
First, avoid eating as much as you usually eat. Traveling today means sitting most of the time. Sitting takes less energy which means less energy is needed. You will feel better if you eat less than you would when normally active. This usually takes deliberate decision and determination because the stomach is used to getting a certain volume to feel satisfied. Less volume of food is often associated with a sensation of hunger. If the decision to eat less is made at the beginning of the meal, this will help the stomach to be warned, if not fully satisfied, with less volume of food. Eating slowly may also give more satiety.
Second, avoid eating between meals. Food and drinks and "snacks" are often served while traveling. This presents a temptation to eat at inappropriate times. Not only is the temptation there, but you also have time to eat! The combination of time on your hands and the offer of food makes it especially important to have already decided ahead of time what you are going to do when offered food. The best answer is to take a drink of water at these times. If you are hungry, the colder the water, the more effective it is to shut off the hunger pangs. Happy is the individual and great is the feeling of being in control of appetite!
Because your daily program is changed when traveling, get some extra rest. Go to bed earlier and try to get more sleep than you do at home. With jet travel, not only is the daily schedule changed, but often the time zones, or even the hemisphere you are in, are changed. This means that your body rhythms are changed which adversely affects your immune system while the body adjusts. Contrary to popular opinion, the best way to help your body adjust quickly is not by taking melatonin or any other drug or hormone. The best way to assist your body to adjust to a new time zone quickly is to drink lots of water, eat less and rest and sleep more. Be adequately protected from cold with appropriate clothing to avoid getting fatigued and chilled. Fatigue and chilling, combined with changes in time zones or hemispheres, is a sure formula for sickness.

Malaria Prevention Note for International Travelers:
Malaria is still a number one killer in the world. Good news! Olive Leaf Extract taken at the rate of two capsules, three times a day, is reported to give good malaria protection even in areas where malaria is the killer form and is resistant to modern drug therapies. Also good news—Olive Leaf Extract is nontoxic!

what I am reading now

Wish I had read the emotional vampires one sooner, seems to have been a reccurent theme in my life with some of the people I had considered to be my closest 'friends' throughout the years... but hey, you live, you learn, isn't that right?

9/11 The Road to Tyranny

I watched this last night, I ordered it from the library. You can view it here:

September 10, 2007

Vegan Eggplant Parmezano recipe (from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook)


1 med. eggplant, unpeeled, sliced into 1/2 in. rounds
2 ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced
1/2 c. water
1/4 c. nutritional yeast flakes
2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. sesame tahini
2 tbsp. rolled oats or flour (I used wheat flour)
1 tbsp. kuzu, arrowroot, or cornstarch (I used cornstarch)
1 tsp. onion powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. vegan parm

I added garlic to this as well.

Preheat broiler. Place eggplant slices on a dry baking sheet. Broil 5 inches from heat source for about 5 minutes. Turn over and continue broiling until fork tender, only about 2 minutes longer. Transfer to an oiled baking dish (FYI basil olive oil is to die for) that is large enough to fit the eggplant in a single layer. Top with tomato slices.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine remaining ingredients, except vegan parm, in a blender and process until completely smooth. Pour over eggplant and tomatoes. Sprinkle top evenly with vegan parm. Bake until golden brown and bubbly, about 25-30 minutes.

YUM. Serve over with pasta & sauce. I didnt have vegan parm so I omitted it but it still came out great.

September 7, 2007

vaccines are weapons

I have a lot more reading to do on this subject, it is frightening. Chilling. I just heard a story on the radio of a young woman who was given a tetanus shot AGAINST her will in Texas and nearly lost her life. Other women, IN AMERICA, are being sterilized from vaccines. This is horrendous. Are we sterile? The HPV vaccine is also causing atrocious results in teenage girls. More to come on this. Here is one article:

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Vaccines: Weapons for the 21st Century.

We believe vaccines are the greatest contribution to public health because we believe they prevent the spread of infectious disease; we believe vaccines eradicated smallpox and polio in the western world. We have been so thoroughly conditioned to believe that vaccines work we have never questioned how, or IF, they really do work.Once we know how vaccines work, we can fully appreciate that the "war" is not just in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other place where guns are shooting and bombs are falling. Our bodies are battlefields in 21st century wars.
Under the guise of public health, genocidal agendas are being facilitated all over the world, often at gunpoint, through the mass and mandated delivery of vaccines, toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods and contaminated water.
This discussion will confine itself to the use of vaccines as the most lethal and deceptive weapon of war ever used by groups of people against other groups. It must be understood, however, that the presence of chemicals, processed foods, contaminated water and drugs increases the lethality of vaccines by undermining the body's ability to mount an immune response.
For those of us living in industrialized nations, vaccines help us to develop chronic mental and physical illnesses so that we are more easily controlled; for those living in the third world, vaccines are being used to sterilize women and kill children. In the former instance vaccines help to create a marketplace for pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries; in the latter instance elitists gain easier access to valuable natural resources.
I did not travel all the way from Idaho to present unsubstantiated medical heresy. Two-hundred years of historical evidence and published medical literature support the following theses:
1. Vaccines cause, rather than prevent the spread of disease.2. Vaccines prepare the body for infertility, chronic illness, behavioral/neurological disorders and/or sudden death.
What's in a vaccine?Regardless that the first mass vaccination program, using Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccine in England, was officially declared a public health disaster by a Royal commission in 1896, the vaccine myth has survived. Today there are vaccines for many diseases and they contain the most toxic substances on earth. Among them are ethyl mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, live and dead viruses cultured in animal tissue and aborted human fetal tissue, phenols, monosodium glutamate, aspartame and ammonium sulfate. It is not uncommon for children to receive several vaccines in one day. It is, therefore, not uncommon for them to have injected into their bodies up to 60 times the safe allowable limit of mercury-the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man.
How do vaccines work?The theory is that small amounts of disease matter introduced into the body will enter the blood, creating antibodies that prevent the proliferation of the disease's wild form, thus preventing one from contracting the disease against which he has been vaccinated; this process allegedly creates an artificial immunity to the disease.
When one develops a holistic understanding of how body systems work in concert to prevent toxic materials from entering the bloodstream, it becomes obvious that the antibody theory of disease prevention is absurd. Even the CDC recognizes that the presence of disease antibodies, the creation of which comprise the entire justification for vaccines, does not necessarily result in immunity from the disease.
Richard Moscowitz, MD, has provided us with one of the most succinct explanations of what vaccines are really accomplishing once they have been forced into our bodies. "By 'tricking' the body in this fashion [with vaccines] we have accomplished what the entire immune system seems to have evolved in order to prevent; we have placed the virus directly into the blood and given it free and immediate access to the major immune organs and tissues, without any obvious way to get rid of it."
Therein lies the core of the war being waged inside the bodies of the world's people: Once injected, the viruses, the metals and other toxic vaccine components are inside of us where they can continue doing damage.
The symptoms of disease is our body attempting to rid itself of toxins. By masking the symptoms with vaccines or other pharmaceutical drugs, the body does not eliminate the original toxins-or the additional ones-they are, instead, forced deeper into our tissues where they cause infections capable of developing into chronic illnesses.
The toxic materials of vaccines forever circulating in our bodies, coupled with malnutrition, dehydration, constant exposure to other toxins and/or stress, create the bodily environment conducive to the development of neuroses, cancer, asthma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases currently epidemic in the world.
Another point to keep in mind is that vaccines, many of which contain genetic material from animals, may be linked to subtle but widespread genetic mutations in ever-growing numbers of human populations. These mutations may predetermine children's capacity for allergic responses that result in asthma, skin problems and other chronic illnesses.
Vaccines in the westThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released figures in January, 2004, stating that one in six American children now have a behavioral or neurological disorder and one in 166 are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning are effectively identical, yet the CDC does not bother to advance a theory as to what is causing so many of America's children to be permanently brain damaged in childhood.
Over the last decade, medical mistakes have killed 7.8 million Americans-more than all the casualties from all wars ever fought by the U.S. According to the CDC, nearly half a million Americans simply "drop dead" each year from what it calls "sudden cardiac death."
Americans are subjected to some 95 antigens (and their companion toxins) by the time they are five. Many experience adverse reactions that range from minor irritation, to permanent brain damage and death. Many American children are developing chronic mental problems for which they are prescribed mood-altering drugs such as Ritalin. Many also develop chronic health problems such as asthma and cancer. By the time Americans turn 50, they are commonly taking several prescribed medications, undergo multiple surgeries and live the last 30 years of their lives taking pharmaceutical drugs to mask the symptoms of chronic illnesses that began with the vaccines they received as children.
Medical Historian Harris Coulter, Ph.D, has extensively documented the relationship between vaccination and sociopathic behavior in his book "Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality." The famous educator Rudolph Steiner noted with great concern that vaccines can cause children to experience a kind of disconnect from their spiritual natures. The political advantages for elitists governing a culture consumed in murder, rape, assault, robbery and drug addiction are many especially when you consider that virtuous cultures need little governing from outside agencies.
Vaccines in the third worldDue to our ignorance, we in the west volunteer to be vaccinated and, therefore, we volunteer to allow these 21st century weapons into our bodies. Third world peoples, many of whom attempt to run and hide from vaccinators, are often captured, restrained and vaccinated against their will.
During the late 60s/early 70s, Dr. Archie Kalokerinos was administering vaccines to Australia's aboriginal children. Dr. Kalokerinos describes how half the aboriginal children died from the vaccines until he began giving them large doses of vitamin C. He reported his findings to the Australian government. Instead of taking a humanitarian interest in the simple, inexpensive procedure, the government's reaction "was one of extreme hostility," said Dr. Kalokerinos.
"My final conclusion after 40 years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of the Save the Children's Fund and almost all those organizations is one of murder and genocide. They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don't," said Dr. Kalokerinos.
Before coming here, I spent a week in Florida with Dr. Kalokerinos who was appearing as an expert witness in a case The Idaho Observer has been reporting for four years. One evening with this wonderful man would convince the most ardent pro-vaccinator of the genocidal intent of forced vaccination on target populations.
Dr. Leonard Horowitz uncovered documents proving that the disease we know as AIDS was developed for the U.S. military by its chemical and biological weapons contractors. The disease was intentionally delivered (free of charge) to the world in the late 70s. Hundreds of thousands of Africans were infected with AIDS through contaminated smallpox vaccine; contaminated hepatitis B vaccine was given (again, free of charge) to gays and drug addicts in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, AIDS will have killed 28.5 million Africans-a number greater than all the deaths from all wars in the last 100 years. It is estimated that 40 million people in the world are currently living with AIDS and numbers of new infections are on the rise.
More recently Greater Africa radio founder Kihura Nkuba described how he discovered the genocidal agenda against his people in Uganda as administered through the oral polio vaccine (OPV) and how he was silenced for broadcasting this information. In an extremely moving presentation at the National Vaccine Information Center conference in November, 2002, Nkuba explained that parents knew the vaccines were killing and maiming their children but were powerless to stop the vaccinators. They were forced to hide their strongest children out in the jungle while sacrificing their weakest children for vaccination by the WHO.
The use of OPV was discontinued in the west because all cases of polio since the late 1960s were attributed to the vaccine. Rather than destroy remaining stocks of OPV, WHO began giving it to Africans. Curiously, the package insert for OPV cautions against giving the vaccine to people with AIDS-but, Nkuba observed, Africans were not screened for AIDS before being vaccinated with OPV.
The symptoms of polio are identical to chemical poisoning. No cases of polio were reported in Africa until people became exposed to chemicals (and vaccines). Polio and West Nile virus Researcher Jim West has conducted compelling historical research on this subject.
WHO recently announced a new outbreak of polio in West Africa and Central Africa. The humanitarian organization plans to vaccinate 74 million Africans by November, 2004.
In the 1990s, the New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study of Romanian children and polio vaccination. The study found that the likelihood of a child contracting polio increased by a factor of eight with one vaccination; a factor of 27 with 2-9 vaccinations and a factor of 182 if they receive 10 or more polio vaccinations. Obviously, Romanian children were the unwitting subjects of medical experiments-a violation of international law.
In the 1980s, women of childbearing age in the Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua were routinely given excessive doses of tetanus vaccine containing human corionic gonadatrophin for the hidden purpose of sterilizing them. Currently there are 13 third world regions throughout the world where sterilization via vaccination programs is currently underway.
The Yanomamo people of the Amazon were the objects of research by anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon in the late 60s. Geneticist James Neel joined Chagnon and, shortly thereafter, the Yanomamo were stricken with a measles epidemic. The epidemic worsened when the Yanomamo were mass vaccinated with an experimental live measles vaccine called Edmonston B. One-third of the Yanomamo were wiped out. An excellent description of this genocidal event can be found in the book, "Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon" by Patrick Tierney.
In most cases where third world populations are being mass vaccinated, the targeted populations are also provided with "humanitarian" aid-bottled water and packaged, processed and denatured food devoid of enzymes and nutrients. The ravages of disease are more severe in the presence of malnutrition.
The west's plans for the third world was perfectly described by then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in National Security Memorandum #200 (April 27, 1974). "Reduction of population in these (third world) States is a matter of vital U.S. national security. The U.S. will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interests in the political, economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Whenever a lessening of the population can increase prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources and to economic interests of the United States."
I believe that predominantly white global corporate elitists are using mass vaccination programs to slow the growth of non-white populations. Since the world community would not tolerate overt mass murder and sterilization of black, yellow and brown third world populations, covert mass murder and sterilization is being implemented under the guise of public health.
And what about those of us mostly white people from industrialized nations who stand in line with our sleeves rolled up and pay to be vaccinated? If we are sick and neurologically impaired we will not have the energy nor the ability to question or resist injurious government policies much less effectively protest the mass murder of people in the far corners of the world.
The theme of this year's conference is strengthening human beings. Our strength increases with every decision we make based upon good information and facts. Our compassion and resolve to stop the wars being waged inside the bodies of every living man, woman and child, as delivered to us under the guise of public health, will grow with the knowledge of how our bodies really work and our understanding of the true nature of disease.

By Don Harkin

ENDGAME trailer

new film by Alex Jones, watch this trailer! Can't wait for this to come out

microwave popcorn can kill you.

Original Story URL:

Snack could be toxic

Doctor fears man's microwave popcorn habit led to lung disease

Posted: Sept. 4, 2007

First, it hit the workers. From Milwaukee to Missouri and California, the fake butter flavor they mixed for use in microwave popcorn poisoned their lungs.
Now, in the first case of its kind, a doctor has found a possible link between serious lung disease and consumers of microwave popcorn.
"I was as surprised as I could be," said Cecile Rose, the chief occupational and environmental medicine physician at National Jewish Medical and Research Center, one of the nation's most prestigious lung disease hospitals.
Rose has seen many cases of factory workers' lungs destroyed by a chemical called diacetyl, responsible for giving microwave popcorn its buttery flavor, but never in a consumer of the popcorn.
Until she started seeing a 53-year-old Colorado man whose favorite snack was microwave popcorn.
Rose said she was stumped as to what was causing the man to cough, have shortness of breath and a thickening of the bronchial walls, among other symptoms. An extensive study of his medical, occupational, and environmental history turned up no explanation. Then she thought to ask him: "Do you eat microwave popcorn?"
She'll never forget his answer, she said.
It was his exclusive snack food preference, he told her.
"My jaw dropped," Rose said.
The man said he had been eating about two bags a day for 10 to 12 years.
Rose cautioned that she could not say definitively that the popcorn caused his illness but that "there was no other plausible explanation."
"I would not have reported this case if I didn't think there was a probable concern," she said.
Rose sent a letter in July to the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, alerting them to her findings.
None of the agencies has called her seeking details, she said. Her letter was made public Tuesday by a public health expert from George Washington University who has been following the safety issues surrounding diacetyl.
In 2001, diacetyl was linked to a severe lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans in workers at a microwave popcorn plant in Missouri. It has been tied to three deaths and serious illness in at least 200 people. So far, doctors have not found a way to reverse the symptoms.
In October 2006, the Journal Sentinel found a Milwaukee man whose lungs were severely injured after working with diacetyl in a local flavor plant. Another Milwaukee man nearly lost his eyesight after working with the chemical.
Wisconsin is home to more than 60,000 food-processing workers, ranking the state as one of the nation's top food manufacturers. As many as 280 plants around the state could be using diacetyl, federal health officials estimate.
In her research of the Colorado man, Rose said she measured the airborne levels of diacetyl during microwave popcorn preparation in the patient's home and found levels similar to those in the exhaust area of the factories where ill workers were first identified.
The FDA said last fall that it was opening an investigation into whether diacetyl poses a danger to consumers.
In a written statement Tuesday, the FDA said it was "currently evaluating the recent information on the association of inhalation of diacetyl and lung disease" and said the agency would be "greatly concerned if consumers were to experience harm as a result of the addition of diacetyl to foods such as microwave popcorn."
David Michaels, a professor of environmental and occupational health at George Washington University, posted Rose's letter on his blog.
In 2006, Michaels, and more than 40 other public health experts from around the country, petitioned the FDA to withdraw diacetyl from its "generally recognized as safe" list, citing evidence that there is no known safe level of exposure.
Michaels said Rose's findings present a serious public health risk and that the government is failing to act.
"This is a red flag," he said. "The agencies should be responding."
More than a year ago, the EPA studied the vapors released when consumers open a bag of microwave popcorn but never released its findings.
On Tuesday, spokeswoman Suzanne Ackerman said the agency is still waiting for the study to be published in a scientific journal before she can release the results.
"It's taken longer than we thought to get it published," she said.
She said the study was not a health effects study but an air emissions study. She said she didn't know if the EPA would conduct a health effect study on microwave popcorn.
John Hallagan, an attorney for the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association, said diacetyl isn't easy to replace but that companies are looking for alternatives.
"We're recommending that (companies) who manufacture butter flavors containing diacetyl consider reducing its content to the extent possible," he said.
At least one major manufacturer, Indianapolis-based Weaver Popcorn Co., said last month it will replace diacetyl because of consumer concern.

From the Sept. 5, 2007 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Have an opinion on this story? Write a letter to the editor or start an online forum.

September 6, 2007

these made me chuckle

thought I would share this email I got

From: "Sheldon Whitehouse" <>

Subject: Latest News from Washington
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 18:18:29 -0400

Dear Heather:

Now that the Senate has reconvened for its busy September work session, I wanted to take a moment to share some of what I've been working on this year, my first as a Senator, to represent you and our fellow Rhode Islanders. We've made some headway on a few important issues, but we still have a long way to go, and I'm working hard to make certain that Congress's priorities reflect Rhode Island's priorities.

First, the good news. The Democratic-led Senate has passed legislation to raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade; put a balanced budget in place that supports middle-class tax cuts and more funding for veterans and children; increased Pell Grants to help young people afford acollege education; reduced our reliance on foreign oil and encouraged the production of more renewable energy; implemented the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission to protect against terrorism; and begun to clean up Washington with a landmark reform of ethics and lobbying rules. But you and I both know that much remains to be done.

Traveling in Rhode Island in August and throughout this year, I've talked with many Rhode Islanders who are still very concerned, and frustrated, with our country's course. Every day, I hear from more and more Rhode Islanders calling for a new direction in Iraq. I cosponsored a bill to end virtually all funding for the war by early 2008, and have supported every measure before the Senate that I believe would help bring our troops home rapidly and responsibly. Earlier this year, I met with President Bush in the Oval Office. I had the chance to argue with him for a new course, and share a few of the e-mails and letters I had received from Rhode Islanders calling to bring the war to an end. The only way to bring about change in Iraq is for America to make it clear that we are on our way out and I will work with my colleagues to continue that fight.

At a community dinner I hosted in Riverside, several people shared their worries about the disastrous Medicare prescription drug program, and the significant problems they've experienced in our health care system. I voted to change the law that now prohibits Medicare from negotiating with drug companies over price. Such a change could generate enough savings to close the "donut hole" in Medicare Part D coverage. The Republicans blocked that effort, but our fight isn't over. We'll continue working to fix Part D so seniors can trust that the prescriptions they need will remain affordable.

Continuing many years of work in health care, I introduced three bills built on Rhode Island's own remarkable progress to improve our health care system. This legislation is aimed at encouraging health quality reforms, building a national health IT infrastructure, and linking health care payments to health care quality. I was also proud to vote to pass a strong bipartisan children's health bill that is a huge victory for Rhode Island's working families, renewing and strengthening our investment in affordable health care for every child in this country. The House and Senate must reach agreement on final legislation that will garner an override of the President's threatened ideological veto because our children deserve health care they can depend on.

Rhode Islanders are also worried about increasing evidence of global warming from the increased strength of hurricanes and weather patterns, to rising sea levels, to the earlier and earlier blooms on trees in our own backyards. I serve on the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, which, under the new leadership of Senator Barbara Boxer(D-Calif.), is raising public awareness about climate change and pushing for real action in Congress. I'm a cosponsor of the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act, the most comprehensive proposal in the Senate to cut carbon emissions. Senate Democrats are committed to real solutions that address the threat of global warming and invest in alternative and renewable energy sources.
In recent days, we've all been struck by the collapse of the subprime mortgage market and the ripple effects it's had throughout our economy.Too many Rhode Islanders I've met are struggling just to get by, as healthcare, energy, and education costs continue to skyrocket. President Bush still thinks the right way to help working families is to give more tax breaks to the wealthy. In the coming months, I'll continue to fight to help middle-class families make ends meet.

As a former U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island, I've also played an active role in the Senate's investigation into what went wrong at the Department of Justice with the unprecedented firing of several federal prosecutors late last year. While I'm glad that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales finally did the right thing and announced his resignation, a great deal of work remains to be done to restore Americans' confidence in this great Department, to restore its traditions and spirit, and to restore itsability to fairly and dispassionately enforce the law. Whoever the President nominates to be the new Attorney General at this critical timemust put the interests of the Department, its employees, and the American people foremost - before partisanship, and before politics.

Over the next several months, we will face many challenges together. I hope you will continue to stay in touch and share your views with me, and to let me know if I may be helpful to you in any way.


Change the Margins

When it comes to environmental disaster, the margin for error is small. Here's one step we can all take...

If we all changed the margins on our school and office work printing tasks, we would save a forest the size of RI or more every year

September 4, 2007

crazy lazy lady's dinner

sometimes you can't be bothered to cook!

1 can white beans (drain and rinse and drain)
spices (chives, basil, oregano, lotsa garlic & whatever's around)
dash cayenne (or more if you can take the heat, cowboy)
sea salt & pepper to taste
1 tsp olive oil
1 good squirt o' catsup

mash the shite out of all that stuff mixed together to form a chunky hummus-type dip

then for kicks I added:
2 tsp nutritional yeast
some seasame seeds
some sunflower seeds

mix all again to desired consistency.

eat with crackers, cut veg or be like me and devour on garlic melba toast.