September 20, 2007

Why I care about this ...

I have an interest in nutrition. Someday I would like to return to school for a degree in that field

I will have children in the future, G-D willing. I never thought I would... until I re-connected with the love of my life...and they say when you meet the right person your ideals change...yes they do!
It will not be for some time, but good to know for the future that it is a possibility :)

I am totally against big business and the new world order trying to destroy people from the inside out. It is *your* choice to ingest bad things, but when that choice is not given and secretly (for the most part) put into our major food sources, I think it is WRONG. Death via aspartame poisoning is no joke, people. I ain't going out like that. Look it up on my blog, look it up on the internet.


They are trying to kill us. Over population is a problem in their eyes. Who do you think is going to survive? What makes you think *you* are so special to them? LOOK UP EUGENICS, where do you fit in? DO YOU fit in?

face the facts. NO GOVERNMENT GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU. Take matters into your own hands

It is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Rumsfeld does not care. He did not care when he passed aspartame thru the FDA FOR PROFIT$.

you will die by their hands if you do not wake up...........

things you can do right now:
read labels
scour the internet
tell others
be informed
stop diet soda consumption
stop chewing gum
no sugar free stuff


it's not hard

I love you, please start paying more attention


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