September 20, 2007

nutritional yeast has betrayed me

If you are uncheese person, like myself, you have come to love nutritional yeast.

Well I am very disappointed to inform you that it is filled with exitotoxins. Read your labels. I failed myself on this one. Aspartic acid and Phenylalanine. DO NOT WANT

I am going to scour the internet for a brand not using said evil chemicals and will let you know if or when I find one...........

until then I am on a mac and uncheese hiatus

I feel like, sometimes, everything is trying to kill me and you and you and you

and *THEY* do not give a shit if we live , they want to see us die

It's not paranoia, it's THE FACTS

WHY are there so many poisons in the foods we eat?? Even when we try to be good consumers, we are seemingly fucked by the FDA


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Prentice said...

I had the same problem with most of the "health" food products out there. I think the most difficult part about becoming vegan was giving up my muscle building supplements it was a real eye opener to me when I discovered that excitotoxins were in every GNC product I had purchased. And we all know how expensive GNC is!