April 24, 2008

Real ID, a Real Disaster


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ISSUE #6 - Real ID; a Real Disaster!
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Learn to protect yourself against this tyrannical national ID card.. which is already LAW!, RFID: Global House Arrest - A Conversation with Katherine Albrecht by Lee Rogers, Biometrics. No Need for Papers - Learn about the government's plans for a national database already underway.. without your consent, VeriChip Rising - A serious look at slavery in the digital age, America’s Lost Right to Travel by Automobile, History of the Driver’s License - It's original intent, Social Security Numbers: Are They Mandatory for Citizens?, Constitutional Discipline - 4th Amendment by Michael Badnarik, Stop the Social Security Surveillance Act, Dinner with the Devil - a first hand encounter with the policy makers who are intent on abolishing your freedom, The Ever Increasing Denial of Citizen Rights and more...

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